How Child Law treats babies of jailed mothers

Reproduced from Egypt Today


CAIRO – 12 November 2019: The Egyptian Child Law stipulates that a nursery is included in every women’s prison, where the standards and supervision of the Social Affairs Ministry apply.

According to article 31 bis of the law, a nursery in prison is allowed to host the children of female inmates up until the age of four, but a jailed mother can accompany her baby at all times during its first year of life.

The mother may not take her baby to her cell, and may not be deprived from contacting her child as a form of punishment.

Article 32 lists the role of the nursery as follows: 

1- Maintain the social welfare of the child and develop their talents and capacities.

2- Prepare the child physically, culturally, psychologically and ethically per the society’s targets and religious values.

3- Raise upbringing awareness among the children’s families.

4- Strengthen social connections between the nursery and the child’s family.

5- Accommodate the child’s needs for entertainment, art and play.

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