The Child Law International Alliance is an independent legal entity with legal capacity, and a non-profit association governed by Swiss Law.
CLIA is anchored in Geneva, Switzerland.

Basic Information

Child Law International Alliance (CLIA) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2019 by a group of five experienced child law practitioners from China and Switzerland. CLIA is registered as an association under the Swiss Civil Code, with its headquarters located in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland (Registration number CHE-465.684.121).
CLIA seeks to promote the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and provide a platform where NGOs and legal professionals to share their experience in child protection and work together on legal initiatives. It mainly carries out work in the five areas of providing legal aid, conducting empirical research, building networks for child protection professionals, promoting public advocacy, and carrying out legislative reform in the child protection field.

Members Information

-M. Tong Lihua

President, China

Tong Lihua is the founder and director of the Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center, which was established in 1999 as the first legal organization in China to focus on child protection. He was a visiting scholar at the Yale Law School and the Columbia Law School in the United States (in 2004 and 2008). He innovatively developed a comprehensive child protection model, providing direct legal aid service, conducting empirical research, promoting public advocacy, establishing a network of volunteer lawyers, and participating in legislation reforms. He is the principal advocate for child protection legislation reforms in China, serving as a consultant for institutions such as the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and drafting expert revisions of laws such as the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors” at the request of units such as the National People’s Congress. The Beijing Children’s Legal Aidand Research Center was given special consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2011. Tong Lihua has actively participated in the United Nations Human Rights Council and held relevant theme side events. He initiated the establishment of the Global Children’s Partnership Project and the Children’s Protection Lawyer Fellowship Project, cultivating legal leadership in child protection in developing countries. In 2012, Tong Lihua was selected as the only public interest figure of the year by the International Bar Association.

-Mme. Catherine Mbengue

Board Member, Switzerland

Ms. Catherine Mbengue is Currently EI Senior Advisor and Geneva Representative. From 2014-2016 she was EI Coordinator for Africa. Prior to joining EI Ms. served with UNICEF, between 1981-2011, in a range of leadership roles such as Senior Advisor Office of Emergency Programmes; UNICEF Representative in Afghanistan, Burundi, Cote D’ Ivoire, Malawi and Mauritania, among others. Her experienceen compasses leading operations and leverage resources for legal, policies and programs for the fulfillment of children and women rights, including in the humanitarian situations.

-Mme. Wang Xin

Board Member, China

Xin Wang has seventeen-year hands-on experiences working on international development cooperation programs in China in areas of human rights and rule of law. She has demonstrated knowledge and expertise on Chinese legal and social issues. As well as sound knowledge and expertise on international human rights and humanitarian law and issues, Chinese legal reform and related issues, child protection, gender mainstreaming in program, disability equality. Xin Wang also has expertise on gender and disability equality, legal protection for rights of vulnerable groups, rights and protection for children, domestic violence, legal reforms in China, policing and protection for vulnerable groups.

-Mme. Zhang Wenjuan

Board Member, India

Wenjuan Zhang is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for International Collaborations of the Jindal Global Law School in India. She is also leading the Center for India-China Studies at the O.P. Jindal Global University. She got her LLM degree from Columbia Law School in 2014 and Juris Master Degree from Peking University Law School in 2004. She has her Marc Haas fellowship with the Brennan Center for Justice of NYU School of Law in 2015 and her PILNET fellowship in 2006-2007. Before joining the JGLS, she had been a well-respected public interest lawyer in China for over nine years. She served as Vice Director of Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers, the biggest public interest law organization in China. Ms. Zhang and her Zhicheng colleagues have played a very pioneering role in expanding legal and political space for rights-based civil society organizations in China. She had been deeply involved in the legislative process of PRC Law on Protection of Minors (Passed in 2006), the bill drafting process of Beijing Legal Aid Act (2008)and the initial drafting stage of Anti-Domestic Domestic Violence Law (Passed in 2015). She served as an expert for the UNICEF/NWCCW Project on Implementing National Program of Action for Child Development in China and an adviser on child welfare policies for the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

-M. He Guoke

Board Member, China

Mr. He Guoke is the director of Beijing Zhicheng Social Organizations Conflict Mediation and Research Center and a lawyer with Zhicheng. He is dedicated to providing legal service to non-profit organizations and since 2014 has participated in many seminars related to charity-related legislation. He is also invited by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs to participate in the formulation of charity-related policies. Mr. He Guoke is legal counsel to eight foundations and industry associations, including Beijing Sany Foundation and China NationalBuilding Waterproof Association. He has handled more than 20 cases involving social organizations and provided more than 1,000 consultations for social organizations all around the nation, during which time he developed a sound theoretical framework and accumulated rich practical experience. Mr. He is also invited by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other social organizations to provide legal training courses to more than 2,000 foundations, social service agencies, and social organizations.

Mission and Mandate

The CLIA’s mission is to advance and promote children ’ s rights by mobilizing a network of NGOs, facilitating cooperation, sharing knowledge and working together to craft legal and policy solutions. The CLIA seeks to promote the development of children’s rights NGOs in all countries, particularly in developing countries. It emphasizes the important role that those NGOs play in their respective countries, supporting the growth of experts in the field and disseminating critical legal information via the Internet and other suitable platforms. Further, the CLIA seeks to promote the Advocates for Children ’s Law Program on a global scale and actively participate in the study and research of children ’s law. It works on legislative initiatives regarding children ’ s rights at a global level, to facilitate the establishment and implementation of a robust children’s rights legal framework at national levels and provide legal services to children whose rights are infringed.

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