Mongolia ‘s Action After A20

In recent years, Mongolia has been widely accused of blaming, stopping it, analyzing its legal environment and taking additional measures to address the issue of violence against children in Mongolia.

The spring session of the Parliament of Mongolia has been incorporated into the new draft of the Criminal Code for a year, in accordance with the demands of the public on the draft of its agenda for the upcoming July.

At the moment of public attention to child protection and violence against children, the Child Rights Training and Research Institute of the NGO participates in the A-20 session of the March of this year in Beijing on the results of the conference on government, non-governmental organizations, child rights experts and lawyers.

it is important to inform and communicate. Participants in the first presentation and information support the issues discussed and the ideas raised by the conference:
– Search for opportunities to study Beijing’s legal assistance and research center,
– to focus attention on child protection issues, contribute to legal reforms in the field, promote professional debates, debate,
– Many proposals and initiatives are being developed such as consultation on solutions and solutions for cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

20 NGOs will join the impact of the rights of the child.

Government and NGOs work together to implement the National Program on Child Development and Protection recently approved by the Government of Mongolia. For example, Mongolia’s advocacy and advocacy campaign on “Rights and Business Principles” is being launched in April.

The program will be supported by the Government Implementing Agency of the Family, Child and Youth Development Agency and the Coordinator of the Child Rights Training and Research Institute. Youth and non-governmental organizations in the field of information dissemination and advocacy work.

These youth are trained on the basis of the UN Guidelines on Children’s Rights and the Business, based on the 16th Recommendation on the Rights of the Child and work on the local level from the ministries and agencies, and promote new legislation on children and families and address these interventions. increase and cooperate with:
1. Implement laws and regulations for the benefit of future generations and each organization proposes to adopt Child Protection policies and regulations.
2. Encourage and support parliamentary councils to support and monitor the implementation of these policies and regulations.

Youth talked to use Ding Talk app for their cooperation and collaboration to save time, speed, and flexibility.

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